Youth Weekend Away

At the beginning of March Charis took a group of 7 our young people from St. Denys to Woodcroft Christian Centre. Our Youth Weekend Away was shared with Christchurch, Roath Park and St. Marks, Gabalfa, so in total there were over 25 young people which made for an amazing and energetic weekend!

Matt Rees, who works for Open Doors Youth, came to speak to us about Worship and what it means to Worship God.

On the Saturday we were joined by 10 year 6s from all three Churches, it was so lovely to have them there so that they could integrate into our Youth Groups and get to know our leaders and other young people. In the afternoon we had different workshops including Photography, Music, Dance, Craft and Football. On the Sunday, Rosemary Aldis joined us to help us celebrate and administer Communion. It was a lovely ending to our weekend and refocused our minds on God as we left our weekend and went back to reality.

It was such an amazing weekend and such an amazing chance to spend time with our young people, getting to know them better and helping them with their journeys with God. It was brilliant to be joined with other Churches in our area and to see friendships bloom between the Churches.

Thanks for all the prayers and cakes and support for our Youth Weekend Away!