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Belonging, Serving, Blessing


If you want to get married in St Denys then we will do everything we can to help you to do that. The law says that you need to satisfy one of the following criteria to be able to do that:

  • Reside in the parish (Lisvane)
  • Worship at St Denys regularly
  • Have your name on the church’s electoral roll.
  • Have a ‘Qualifying Connection’ with the church. A Qualifying Connection as described in the Marriage (Wales) Act 2010 is “that you were baptised or confirmed in the parish, that you or a parent formally lived for at least six months in the parish, that you or a parent formerly habitually attended worship in the parish for at least six months or that a parent or grandparent had been married in the parish.”

If you are in any doubt at all then get in touch via the Contact Form and we will help you as best we can.

Booking Your Wedding

If you contact us with a provisional date we can let you know if the church is free on that day. If it is you will then need be asked to complete an application form and pay an initial deposit of £100 which secures the booking. We will then be in touch regularly to ensure that all the preparations go to plan and to help with any queries you may have as they arise. We will also arrange a Wedding Rehearsal a few days before the wedding date. At the rehearsal we’ll run through every word of the marriage service so that come the big day everybody knows exactly what is going to happen and to deal with any final concerns. If you live in Lisvane Parish but are getting married elsewhere you will need to have your Banns read here before your wedding. This is no problem at all, just get in touch via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page and we’ll sort it all out for you. Similarly if you are getting married elsewhere but would like a Blessing here, or if you wish to Renew your Wedding Vows, again this is no problem at all. Just get in touch via the Contact Form at the bottom of our home page and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Having your child baptised (Christened), or seeking baptism for yourself as an adult is a wonderful way of committing yourself to the Christian faith. Some people, particularly regular church attendees, like to have their child baptised during a Sunday service. We can arrange an alternative service however where it is just friends and family present. Just ask us about the different options available to you. Our church is also happy to offer Baptism by full immersion so if you’d like more information about this please just ask. Some people however prefer a service of dedication or thanksgiving for the birth of their child as opposed to a full baptism service. The option is then still available should the family or the individual want to proceed with baptism at a later date. Either way get in touch via the Contact Form at the bottom of our home page and we can discuss what is best for you.


Even if you are not a regular church attender we are more than happy to offer our service to you in a time of bereavement. Normally, in the event of a bereavement, you should contact a funeral director in the first instance. They will then liaise between us to make all the arrangements for the funeral. Prior to the funeral actually taking place we will arrange to meet with you and discuss the service to make sure that everything meets your requirements. We are also very mindful that grief affects different people in different ways and for different amounts of time. Therefore, we are more than willing to offer a listening ear if needs be. In addition to the Vicar we also have a Pastoral Care Team in the church who would be happy to help. Just get in touch via the Contact Form at the bottom of our home page if you feel we can be of assistance either during or following a bereavement.