Our History

Belonging, Serving, Blessing

A History of the building

The development of the early church in Britain by Celtic Christians was a brave and heroic enterprise. Many early churches were established during the “Age of the Saints” and, although the original buildings have long since been replaced, Christians throughout Wales still worship in churches built on these ancient sites. They are a living tribute to the labours of these early Celtic evangelists and we believe that our parish church of St Denys, Lisvane is one of these churches.

This overview aims to tell the story of St Denys’s Church from its earliest beginnings, probably during the 6th century, through periods of upheaval and change, right up to the present day. We have tried to draw as much information together as is relevant, in order to create a comprehensive account of our church throughout the 1500 years that Christians have lived and worshipped here in Lisvane.

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