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Update – June 2019

We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the progress of the Church House Project.

Whilst there has been little “visible” progress to the house and site, negotiations with the architect and quantity surveyor have been ongoing.

The tenders for the new build have now been received. However numerous queries and questions were raised about the specification during the tender period which further delayed their return.  Costs were still being submitted this week, which meant that the Steering Group were unable to give a detailed report to the PCC at their meeting on the 11th June.  There were considerable differences between the submissions but all tender prices were above the budget costs.

Once all the information is received, the Steering Group will meet to consider the bench mark costs and options available to the parish.  A review of the specification will have to be carried out and discussions held to consider alternatives, such as form of construction, procurement, etc.   The Steering Group will meet to consider the above and will then formulate proposals to be put to the PCC once options are available.

At this stage to maintain commercial confidentiality, the costs cannot be disclosed, as negotiations are still being carried out, but the PCC will be made aware of the costs once proposals have been formulated.

Further information will be announced as soon as we are able.

Church House Steering Group.




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