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Connect Groups – your questions answered…


If you walk into a St Denys Connect Group, you will find a small group of around 8-12 people from St Denys, meeting together informally for a cuppa, maybe some cake, and to spend time together chatting about their lives and their faith. Groups will use different resources, such as study guides or DVDs to help them to explore more of the bible, and of how God wants us to live as Christians. You can also expect to find Connect group members praying with and for one another.


The purpose of Connect Groups is to:

  • Connect with Ourselves;
  • Connect with Others;
  • Connect with God.

We believe it’s important that as many people as possible at St Denys are involved in a Connect Group. Sundays at church are great, but time is short, we squeeze a lot in, and there is therefore not always the opportunity to build friendships, talk, and ask questions at any length. Connect groups provide this opportunity – they are where we can really “do church” in a different way – they are a safe environment where we can make space to reflect in the midst of our busy lives; where we can talk and ask those questions; where we can support and encourage one another; and where we can learn and know more of God.


Most groups meet fortnightly, on the 1st and 3rd weeks in the month, although some groups meet weekly or monthly. The different groups meet on various days – some in the daytime and some in the evening. The weekly notice sheet has more details of when the different groups meet.


Connect groups meet in the homes of people from St Denys – some in Lisvane, some in other areas of Cardiff, such as Roath and Penylan.


Anyone can join a Connect group – how about you?!


If you’d like to get involved in a Connect Group, get in touch with Rev Chris or through the contact page.

Small group study resources are kept in the central box available at the parish office, please see attached pdf for content list.

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